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Hello world! Let’s all look out for the Internet Scams………..

July 2, 2006

Listen very carefully to what I have to say and take heed!!

Why is it that we will jump at the chance to make a very large, unrealistic sum of money in some unusually small period of time and then we pay somebody for that very information.


We are not dunces or dupes, but we are susceptible to the snake oil salesmen who tout this junk on the internet. Because of the size of the Internet, the sellers throw something on the wall and something will eventually stick. Some Schmuck will stick to it and pay his $49.99.


So, we spend these small amounts of money that don’t really hurt us much, and find out later it wasn’t what we thought it was. Some advertisements are super long! I see “low class” advertisements (and you can all recognize them) that are page after page after page with testimonial after testimonial after testimonial, most of which are created by the seller. Now I just don’t read them anymore. Unfortunately there are still scams out there with nice looking web sites. Just beware. At least if you buy, make sure you have a refund policy in writing.


Remember: “You can’t believe what you read and only half what you see.” (Reported in the Christian Science Monitor many years ago)


Well, guys and dolls, the Internet is just full of crap that just isn’t worth the paper the Digital Files get printed on. And it’s your paper!


Another thing I wanted to present to all of you: there are NO get rich quick schemes. This idea is implied by most of the advertisements.


If the schemes (scams) were really going to net you a gazillion dollars with their “secrets” there would be a lot more Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffets running around. And, whatever you say, there was a lot of hard work that went in to their fortunes. And, of course, they are a lot smarter than most of us, and were in the right place at the right time.


As it is do you think these Internet people would be selling their “secrets?” If you spent 7 years on a project and because of those dedicated 7 years, you learned some secrets that made you successful, would you want to give them away? Maybe for the right price – everything has a price – but it isn’t $49.99.


When the seller uses the enormous size of the Internet as a reason for selling his “product”, he forgets the power of the Hundredth Monkey (Search on Google: A book by Ken Keyes, Jr. which exemplifies social and behavioral changes through chain communication –you’ll be amazed at this form of communication power.)


It takes hard work, time, perseverance, time, money, time, tenacity, time, money and lots more money than you ever anticipated to really learn the internet ropes from scratch. And if you’re experienced, it still takes a much longer time than you would think. And then you will be learning forever. It is the world’s largest playground!! Exciting, rewarding, frustrating.


The Internet evolves and changes minute by minute and second by second. Procedures you used to rank your sites today are outdated tomorrow. Perseverance and tenacity will get your sites relevant and highly ranked but you will have to work at it constantly. This is not to say this effort isn’t worth it, the returns are great and it is a lot of fun. Maybe some day it will make you a millionaire, but not overnight. That’s a given.


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